Volunteer Program: Join us in a worthy experience!!

We welcome volunteers who wish to assist in one of the following areas;


  • Teaching basic English, mathematics, science, drawing or games and sports in a needy community pre-primary and primary community Orphanage school.


  • Teaching tourism and business skills/lessons to tourism and business students who include needy youths from our area whom we train to become guides, chefs, managers, business men/job creation etc...


  • Participating in one of our community sensitization programs on environment, sustainable modern agricultural practices, water and sanitation, HIV/Aids, human rights, piggery project for orphans and community development etc. You may also do the marketing for our campsite and tours.


Our program offers a flexible work timetable aimed at allowing you to travel over the weekends (Friday afternoon to Monday Morning) and that means if you are traveling in Uganda,  you can make tours every weekend.


What Do We Offer?