Things to do in Uganda - Local and Regional Uganda Activities

Thinking... "Things to do in Uganda", "What to do in Uganda" then we have the answer. We will be very happy to offer you a unique experience of the region through tailor-made Uganda activities that enable you to walk through the rural farmlands and nature parks. Some suggestion we have for you:

A.- Eco tours and nature walks to the spectacular Mahoma Waterfalls

Mahoma Waterfall Mahoma Waterfall in Crater-Lakes
Mahoma Waterfall Mahoma Waterfall

In this walk, our experienced tour guides will take you on a 2-6 hour long walking safari where you will meet the smiling faces of the local people and the beauty of the volcanic landscape, see 3 crater lakes before finally arriving at the pictures Mahoma Falls where you can have a power-shower!
If you are lucky, you will find some locals brewing their popular local gin commonly referred to as Waragi. Check rates. ---- View Mahoma Falls Video -----

B.- Village exploration walks

Nature Walk EcoLodge Uganda Nature Walk Crater Lake
Nature Walk. Ecolodge-Uganda Nature Walk. Local Hospitality
Crater Likes sunset Crater Likes sunset

Experience the culture through visiting local homesteads, community schools, churches and traditional drama clubs. Learn how to prepare local food, or dine with the locals, Stay out at night to see the night life with company of our local guide.
Visitors can also go for a drinking spree in the selected local bars with close supervision of our guides. Check rates.

C.- Crater lakes exploration walking Tour

What to do in Uganda Hiking in Crater Lakes
Things to do in Uganda Bird Watching

Do you want to burn the excess fat on your body? Are you planning to climb mountains? This exciting exploration tour will give you a chance to exercise as you explore 9 beautiful crater lakes in one round tour.
If you are also planning a climbing expedition to the scenic Ugandan mountains, this is the best Pre-climbing training as it involves hiking. Our experienced guides will help you to discover the hidden craters located in the spectacular hills and valleys of the Ndali/Kasenda crater lakes field.
If you like Birds, the trail offers a variety of crater lake bird species that stay in the small forest patches around various the crater lakes. You may also explore the crater lakes in a 45-minute drive during the sunny days.

D.- Regional Tours - Uganda Safaris

Uganda Safaris - Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Safaris - Queen Elizabeth National Park
Girafe in Murchison Falls National Park Girafe in Murchison Falls National Park
Rafting in the white Nile Uganda Rafting in the white Nile

Since 1952 Queen Elizabeth is a national park and is one of the oldest national parks in Uganda. It is situated on the borders of Lake Edward and Lake George. These two lakes are connected by the Kazinga Chanel. From Mweya you can make a trip by boat along the borders of the canal. On these borders you will see the wildlife of the region: elephants hippo’s, buffalos’s and so on and many species of birds.

This home to hundreds of chimpanzees also boasts of a big number of forest bird species as well as all the primate species in western Uganda. Also close to this national Park is a local community tourism initiative that has been working to improve the lives of women neighboring the national Park.
You can use
EcoLodge at lake Kifuruka as your base for visiting Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks since it is strategically located in the heart of the crater lakes belt.
We are able to hire a car with a Driver for you to travel comfortably at a very attractive rate.

Do you wish to make a relaxed tour of the western region? We can plan for you a guided tour of the region starting from ENTEBBE Air port through Kampala, Murchison falls, Kibale Forest national park for Chimps and other primates, the crater lakes region for the friendliest people of Uganda, Queen Elizabeth national park for Hippos, Elephants, Lions etc, Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks for tracking Mountain Gorillas and a relaxation at lake Bunyonyi to unwind your mind.
Some of these attractive national parks can easily be traveled in one day or less. You can go there by your own car, but we can also arrange trips by boda boda (Kibale Forest) or by rented car with driver for other national Parks.