Eco-Lodge Campsite; The Ultimate Destination For Responsible Travellers.

Are you looking for an escape route to a natural paradise off-the-beaten track? and also enjoy the local Community and the Uganda weather?

Eco-Lodge Campsite in Crater Lakes Uganda, is a sustainable eco-tourism who offers Cottages, Bandas and Campsite accommodation along with a wide range of services in one of the most unknown and amazing spots in Western Uganda. Just nearby Kibale Forest National Park we discover a set of many ancient extinguish craters turned into many breathtaking landscapes. Green forests, bananas plantations and grasslands that perfectly hide what was once a land of violent eruptions.

Crater Lakes Uganda and Kibale Forest National Park


Crater Lakes Uganda region is another Ugandan pearl hidden from the most common touristic areas, but at the same time, it is located just near 2 of the most important National Parks in Uganda, Kibale Forest  National Park, the best place to track and see chimps, and Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda's most-visited National Park and home to over 95 mammal species and over 600 bird species.

Rim of Kifuruka Lake, nearby Kibale Forest National Park Rim of Kifuruka Lake, Ecolodge Uganda

You will discover Eco-Lodge Campsite settled at the rim of the spectacular Lake Kifuruka; one of the twin crater lakes located in the Ndali/Kasenda Crater Lakes region. Take advantage and be prepared to chill out and to explore the Crater Lakes Uganda region and Kibale Forest National Park. We will give you a warm welcome and we will help you to discover a friendly Ugandan rural enviroment that usually does not appear in the Uganda tourism brochures.


It also offers a spacious campsite with views on both the lake and the local community. This facility offers a quiet and natural environment blended with spectacular views of the Rwenzori Mountains and the Queen Elizabeth national Park the southern direction.


Uganda Lodge - Uganda Hospitality


Come and experience the Real Ugandan Culture and taste the warm hospitality of the indigenous Ugandans in a God-given paradise.


Are you looking for a cultural immersion in the rural Ugandan culture? Try us for a treat as we offer you the best community trails that offer a feeling of the African traditional hospitality and just in a few hours, you will feel Ugandan.


We also offer you a unique opportunity to spend some nights with one of the selected friendly families as you explore the culture of the local people in Uganda.


Eco-Lodge Campsite: Completely Involved with the Local Community

Primary school at Crater Lakes Uganda Primary School builded and sustained by Eco-Lodge Campsite

Eco-Lodge Campsite is not only a sustainable tourism project in the Crater Lakes Uganda region, but also we are constantly developing different community projects (Pre-primary and primary Orphanage school, Volunteer programas, Vocational School, etc...) that you will be able to know them and cooperate if you desired. Visit our Community Programs area.